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Drilling a Borehole on your property in Helderkruin is the only true way to save money on your water bill. We have 2 borehole solutions available in Helderkruin. The first is for garden watering and the second is for household use and drinking. Our small borehole drilling rigs allow us to trill boreholes where large borehole drilling trucks can't drill.

Imagine having a free supply of clean water straight from the earth! That’s exactly what you get when you hire us to DETECT, DRILL and INSTALL your borehole system. We also offer maintenance on all borehole components and systems, keeping your borehole working in tip top condition all year round. Not many people know that there are millions of litres of water right beneath us. This is collected from both rainfall and underground springs and is the answer to our water crisis. If you rely on a borehole for water instead of a municipality, it gives you more independence and control over your personal water supply.

Our Borehole Services Include: Borehole Drilling and Maintenance, Borehole Pump Installation and Maintenance, Reverse Osmosis System Install and JOJO Tank Installation. We also have irrigation services available

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Our plumbers and electricians are available 247 in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sandton, Fourways, Randburg, Roodepoort and Krugersdorp.
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    Borehole Drilling

    The first decision is to determine where to drill. Once the drilling target is determined, the next phase is the actual drilling of the borehole. Next is yield determining by testing the water. The final stage of borehole drilling requires the pumping and piping of water from the successful borehole.

    Borehole Pumps

    We install booster pumps to increase your water pressure and to keep the water flowing. We are the experts in water tanks and booster pumps we use Jojo tanks and eco tanks these are top quality tanks that cannot corrode or rust they keep the water clean and cool, tanks come in different sizes from 750L to 10 000L.

    Borehole Maintenance

    Borehole and pump maintenance is important to adhere to in order to realise the best returns on your investment. Quality constructed private water supply systems require routine maintenance. These simple steps help to protect your system and water source, as well as your investment.

    Great Investment

    There are many reasons why residential homeowners choose to invest in borehole drilling on their properties. When you own your water supply, you own your destiny. With a borehole you say goodbye to frustrating water cuts, municipal disruptions and water rationing during times of drought!

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    Testimonials From Our Clients

    • - Tom
      Every borehole company I phoned and had at my house told me they cant drill in my backyard as they use a truck for the drilling, but these guys have a small drill that can reach places trucks cant.
      - Tom
    • - Lize
      I needed a certificate of Compliance, also known as a COC, for my flat that i wanted to sell. Needed it urgently and was assisted the same day I called.
      - Lize
    • - Gordon
      Called them to assist me with my blocked drain, they fixed it in less than an hour! Very impressed with their service.
      - Gordon