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Get your home or office off the eskom power grid and start saving money today with an off-grid solar solution that fits into your budget.

Avoid load shedding completely. We Install Solar Systems. We Repair Solar Sysytems. Financing Available.

Our Solar Services Include: Solar Conversions, Supplying and Installing Solar Panels, Supplying and Installing Inverters, Supplying and Installing Solar Batteries, Supplying and Installing Solar Charge Controllers and Regular Solar Maintenance.

What are the savings and benefits?

We should be able to provide you with an accurate energy estimate for how much your system will produce each year, as well as how much you will save. But, generally, the system pays itself off over three years. Over and above the benefit of lower electricity bills, a solar power system makes a home more environmentally-friendly, and limits reliance on Eskom.

Areas We Service

Our plumbers and electricians are available 247 in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sandton, Fourways, Randburg, Roodepoort and Krugersdorp.
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    Residential Solar PV Solutions

    Residential solutions can be either Grid-Tied (no batteries), or Grid-Interactive or Off-Grid (which use battery banks) type systems. Solutions are designed to meet the Building usage patterns and/or available Budget. Savings Guaranteed!!

    It can be a tough choice to make when choosing just how dependent you would like to be of nature. But the one thing you need to know about using solar power is that it is exceptionally reliable, and what is more is that with solar power you will actually be saving money. Solar energy brings plenty of benefits, some relating to saving money and others relating to saving the environment. When you make the decision to transform the way that you access to power and the kind of electricity that you choose to have, you will find that solar energy is the way to go.

    Financing Available for Solar

    Going off the grid can be an expensive investment and often requires a large payment of cash upfront, however, Go 247 Services offers financing on all quoted solar installations and makes it easier for you to "get off-grid" without the headaches of going to the bank.

    Going off the Grid means an investment in saving huge amounts of money over a long term. No more price increases or loadshedding. Off-Grid options are ideal for people wanting to put a stop to the ever increasing price of electricity due to mismanagement and monopolism. “Allowing you to take back the power”. In addition to energy converting Solar Panels, Off-Grid solutions make use of batteries to store electricity for the times that there is no sunlight available.

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    Testimonials From Our Clients

    • - Tom
      Every borehole company I phoned and had at my house told me they cant drill in my backyard as they use a truck for the drilling, but these guys have a small drill that can reach places trucks cant.
      - Tom
    • - Lize
      I needed a certificate of Compliance, also known as a COC, for my flat that i wanted to sell. Needed it urgently and was assisted the same day I called.
      - Lize
    • - Gordon
      Called them to assist me with my blocked drain, they fixed it in less than an hour! Very impressed with their service.
      - Gordon